Splatter Painting Here I Come

It all started with hand-painted T-shirts. My husband, Bill, told me if I wanted that new house I would have to bring $135.00 dollars to the table each month. Let the splatter painting begin! And so it did. Later, as my arm almost fell off, figuratively, of course, I found and left many different silk-screening companies until I finally found the great AJLScreenprinting in Austin for my T-shirts, simply the best! When my new T-shirt collection would come out each spring and fall, I would find a nice, rustic, old, gray, wooden, wall and pin all the shirts up and photograph them. Those were the days. And yes, we do still print some T-shirts for places like Cotton Eyed Joes and The Grist Mill in Gruene, Texas as well as Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas.


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