Frequently Asked Questions


Cloisonné, which means “to compartmentalize,” is an ancient art form introduced to China by western travelers in the 14th century. Read more about this material and the process here.

Our website offers our Kitty Keller Designs Collection of cloisonne ornaments. These same ornaments can be found at retail locations across the nation. The bulk of what we create are custom and glass ornaments created exclusively for customers such as gift shops, book stores, golf shops, your favorite travel spot, and more. Check out our locator page to see if there's a store near you or your next travel adventure!

Every ornament we sell, both retail and wholesale, come with a silk covered box included. This allows for the ornament to ship anywhere in the world safely. It’s also gift ready.

Of course! In fact, we encourage it. We have individual stands available so you can display special ornaments on a bookshelf or on a desk year round. Check out what this looks like on our Instagram page.

The tarnishing of the ornament is a normal thing that happens, especially on the white paint. We usually see it when the ornament is left in the silk box for long periods of time, it can cause the paint to tarnish. This is similar to other metal tarnishing.

Storage: We encourage the ornaments to be stored in their original box, away from
extreme heat (like an attic or garage). We also encourage you to keep the white
ornaments in a plastic bag* inside the box to prevent tarnishing.

*all ornaments with white paint will ship to you inside a plastic bag.

Cleaning: We put together a video on how to properly clean your ornamentsBar Keeper's Friend. 

Need video Kitty will create showing how to clean the design

No, every single ornament is created by hand. Our cloisonne ornaments are individually created by hand. All gold-plated wires on the ornament are individually formed and shaped by hand. Our custom hand-painted glass ornaments are hand-painted on the inside of the ornament.

There is no mold or template created for a design. Every time a design is ordered, it is individually created by our suppliers, and not always by the same artisan.

They are truly works of art. Learn more about the details of the cloisonne and hand-painted glass process.

Yes! Our founder and head designer is named Kitty Keller. Learn more about Kitty and her artistic journey.

We understand that this can be frustrating, but there is a solution! We have seen that USPS will sometimes scan the package as delivered before they make it to the actual destination. In most cases, the package arrives the next day.

Delays in processing and scanning can also be seen during holidays or peak seasons when the sorting facilities tend to become overwhelmed with packages.

Kitty Keller Designs is officially licensed for several colleges and universities, many of them available on our website. View our collegiate collection to see if your college is represented!

Note: Every collegiate license offered on our website is authorized by the respective collegiate entity. We honor this by paying royalties for each product sold, ensuring our right to feature university logos. These logos are university property and may only be used with official approval. We recommend purchasing exclusively from vendors with proper licensing.

No, we are not able to create ornament designs for schools we are not licensed for.  As noted above, we must be an approved vendor to have rights to utilize the licensed logos for the University/College. We are also not able to create a single ornament custom design.


We offer a very high quality ornament that can be found nowhere else but
Kitty Keller Designs. We stand behind the craftsmanship of our ornaments. Our cloisonné ornaments are handcrafted with care and attention to detail by highly skilled artisans. These ornaments are one-of-a- kind treasures that your customers will love.

We currently offer two types of custom ornaments: cloisonne and hand-painted glass. Each ornament type has it’s own pricing and minimums. Please email for current pricing. Click here for sample of custom ornaments.

Kitty Keller Designs ships to destinations in the USA (including Hawaii & Alaska), Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and the Bahamas. We do not offer drop shipping for our wholesale customers.

Estimated design time is 1-2 weeks. Once the design is approved and an order is received, the production time ranges from 2-5 months.

Our ornament mockups include PMS colors for our suppliers reference. We can also use your approved PMS color palette. Each time an ornament is ordered, the colors for that design are mixed and created specifically for that ornament. The artisans match the PMS colors on the design to the color of the enamel paint. It can sometimes be a trial and error as sometimes the paint changes once the color is fired. It is not an exact science, meaning there is no specific formula for PMS 128, but an art form perfected after many years of practice.

We provide design examples and you can look at our website. You send us logos, images, ideas, and any inspiration. The more specific you can be, the better. Let us know if there are any specific restrictions or requirements with your logos, colors, etc. Also let us know the most important things in the design. Start your the process of creating your custom ornament today by emailing us!