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Collect Kitty's hometown fine art and ornaments as seen through her eyes!

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Hawaii is the latest travel design by Kitty!

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Add to your Texas A&M collection before they are fully retired!

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Interested in Wholesale Custom Design?

Begin carrying our exceptional line of ornaments in your store. Contact us for current pricing, minimums, and stock available to ship. Custom ornament design is also available. Let us use our decades of experience in creating a beautiful ornament design that is exclusive to you. Begin the Tradition! Email us for more information.

Exclusive Designs

Kitty and her team develop and design our products to ensure that our brand remains one that is known for rareness, quality and exceptional curation. Kitty’s iconic and artful style, known now for 35+ years is now available in an ever expanding line of products.

Premium Quality

Our ornament mediums were thoughtully sourced and are handcrafted by highly trained artisiants – no two ornaments are exactly alike. All products are inspected by our team to ensure they meet our quality and consistency standards.

Customer Service

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of products with responsive and friendly customer service to match. We love receiving feedback. Message us with any design/product suggestions, questions or concerns.

Custom Designs

Perfect for your country club, resort, special events, private school, company, retail store, fundraiser, corporate gifting, etc. *Consider a 3-4 month production time frame. Get started or for more information including pricing and requirements.

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