The Perfect Gift and Keepsake Box Included

Each of our ornaments comes in the keepsake gift box, shown here, which is included in the price. Perfect for gift giving and safe keeping, it also ensures that your ornament arrives safely at your door!

Display your ornaments year round - they're always in season after all - but while not in use, store your ornaments in the box to ensure protection and longevity of your handcrafted, heirloom ornament. Begin the tradition!

The Story of Our Inventory

You might be wondering when the design you wanted might be back in stock or why our inventory might seem lower than previous years? Our ornaments are all handcrafted in an extensive process, and due to the recent global happenings, our production has been somewhat disrupted over the last two years as our business continued to grow. Each ornament that is available on our site is handcrafted over a minimum of a 3 to 4 month period, so when an design sells out, we might not have it back in stock for several months to a year, depending on demand. Do you really want a design we don't have in stock? Message us at to inquire about back-ordering a specific design. Expect a 5 to 6 month production time frame at max for special back-orders.

NEW! Custom Stationery & Cards

Customize your new set of stationery with us at Kitty Keller Designs. Browse through over fifty (and growing) of our beautifully curated and unique stationery designs that embody Kitty's recognizable and whimsical style.

An artful, charming and high quality addition to your desk or a personalized, monogrammed gift for someone you love - customize your design today!

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