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Kitty Keller has designed over XXX+ custom ornaments over the years and yours could be next! Each ornament combines Kitty's artistry with the cloisonné and glass artisan's skill, ensuring uniqueness with every creation. Crafted individually, without templates or machinery, these pieces maintain their distinctiveness, guaranteeing that no two orders will ever be exactly the same.

Cloisonné Ornaments

Each ornament starts with being hammered and formed to create the desired shape. Copper is used because it is easily hammered and stretched. The design is initially drawn on a copper ball. The copper wires are formed and shaped into the design on the ornament. After the wires are shaped, they are placed onto the copper ball and soldered. The wires create small compartments called “cloisons.”

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Glass Ornaments

Each ornament is hand-painted on the inside of the glass ball, a process that originated in China in the 1600s. The ornaments are made from handblown glass, creating a clear glass ornament. The artisan paints a sketch of the design, using a fine-tip brush. The complete design pattern is outlined inside the ball. The artisan then fills in the sketch with colors as indicated on the design. The last step is to fill in the solid background color.

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We offer a very high quality ornament that can be found nowhere else but
KKD. We stand behind the craftsmanship of our ornaments. Say something about our designs - what makes them special.

Estimated design time is 1-2 weeks. Once the design is approved and an order is received, the production time ranges from 2-5 months.

Each time an ornament is ordered, the colors for that design are created for that design. The artisans match the PMS colors on the design to the color of the enamel paint. It can sometimes be a trial and error as sometimes the paint changes once the color is fired. It is not an exact science, meaning there is no specific formula for PMS 128, but an art form perfected after many years of practice.

Begin carrying our exceptional line of ornaments in your store. Contact us for current pricing, minimums, and stock available to ship. Custom ornament design is also available. Let us use our decades of experience in creating a beautiful ornament design that is exclusive to you. Begin the Tradition!

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Cloisonne and Glass Process