Kitty and King Cakes - A Marriage Made in Heaven

Here at Kitty Keller Designs we cherish the Mardi Gras celebration and have a love for New Orleans unique culture. If you are looking for a great NOLA gift or wanting more information on the celebration, here is a little insight to one of the delicious traditions of Mardi Gras, The King Cake.

The historic King Cake is forever linked to Mardi Gras. It was brought over from France and Spain and celebrates the arrival on the Twelfth Night, the Carnival’s beginning. Madri Gras begins on January 6th when the three wise men visit the Christ child, which begins the Carnival season. This is the last midnight of Mardi gras every year. For those who are not acquainted with Mardi Gras here is a little insight into the NOLA, New Orleans, celebration. Traditionally served from Twelfth night to the Eve of Mardi Gras, the King Cake is coated in gold, green, and purple sprinkles over icing in remembrance of the king’s golden, bejeweled crowns. Many will hide a surprise in the preparation of this delicacy. The surprise is a miniature toy baby, hidden in the cake, which signifies the baby Jesus. Some consider it good luck to receive the baby in your piece of King Cake. Also, the person receiving the baby in their cake must host next year’s Mardi Gras party. Be careful, it can break a tooth!

Kitty Keller Designs Ornaments and NOLA tea towels celebrate Mardi Gras, New Orleans, the foods, traditions, and sheer joy of the event of Mardi Gras or your visit and love for the city of New Orleans. To be treasured for years to come Kitty Keller Designs New Orleans ornament collection and tea towels. Start the Tradition.

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