Kitty Keller Designs: A Business is Born

In 1987, I started my little art business in the small loft above our living room. Things were messy in those days, with paint splattered on the countertops, walls, and carpet, and two young daughters at home. My husband Bill has always been my number one cheerleader, supporting me in pursuing my creativity and later creating art for a living. My daughters, Katie and Maggie, grew up experiencing first-hand how my business evolved from a passion project into a
company with global reach. I’m thankful they shared my vision for the future and decided to join me on this wonderful but sometimes challenging journey.

Each with a unique perspective and strengths, we have grown a loyal customer base while maintaining a personal, collaborative, and boutique art and shopping experience. Who would have thought that those little kids gathered around my painting table after school would one day become a vital part of creating the Kitty Keller Designs we now know?

Today, Kitty Keller serves clients worldwide with exceptionally curated, hand-crafted glass, ceramic, and cloisonne ornaments. We take great pride in being the go-to supplier of customized and superior-quality products for our customers, partners, and avid collector.

While we have grown, our values of integrity, honesty, and passion for art have remained the same. And Bill is still our number one supporter.

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