Florida Keys Family Trip


Me, my two daughters, and my mother-in-law, Betty, were on a trip across the Southern U.S., visiting current and prospective customers for my business. We arrived at the last spot in the southernmost part of the U.S., right before the Florida Keys, The Everglades National Park. Summertime in the Everglades was hot and smoke was covering our route to the park headquarters. I was heading to meet the store manager for the Everglades, where we found out that they were having a controlled burn. A controlled burn is commonly used to control the growth in the park. The air was thick with humidity and swarming with mosquitoes. Maggie was standing on a tall retaining wall at the water’s edge when she saw something strange that made a big splash. It was such a magical place it was as if we had landed in the tropics of the Amazon.

I have tried to capture the spirit of The Everglades National Park with our National Parks line of glass ornaments. This series of watercolor paintings is based on the National Park ornament designs. I would classify these paintings as illustrations. As I grow in skill as a watercolor artist, I am realizing the challenges of watercolor. As well as the sheer pleasure of splashing water with colorful paint. My goal with series is controlling the medium, while seeking more freedom and sheer abandon with the paint. I will be working towards this more at the end of this year as I prepare for my art exhibit in November 2023. More on that to come!

These paintings will be available as Giclée, thick pigment based ink, in prints in the size that work for your home.

Thank you for following us on this art journey this year. I am practically bursting with enthusiasm and eagerness to share with you. Follow us on all our social media platforms to stay up to date with my watercolor journey!




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