The Art of Originality – A Creative Journey

I believe originality is a gift, but nothing is truly original as we are all influenced knowingly or unknowingly by the world around us. I believe it was Manet or was it Monet, but definitely one of the Impressionist artists who said he wished he had been born blind and then regained his sight as he felt only then could he be truly original not having seen the world.  

Kitty works on a design

I am thankful for this glorious world in which we live and it’s infinite beauty that constantly inspires my work. When designing an ornament for a customer I look to many things for my inspiration. The pictures they send and our research on each design combine and are whittled down into a synthesis of simplicity. Remembering that each line of the design is a wire that must be placed by hand, it is my job as the designer to whittle that number of lines down to a manageable number without losing the essence and understanding of the design.  

This simplicity of design is always our challenge.  So when you see the final design know so much went into creating it and when our customer is pleased and happy with the design it is then sent to our supplier and an artisan will interpret the design.  So when the ornament arrives and we open the box it is a lot like Christmas when we see it realizing what all went into the final product.  


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