• Please contact us for current pricing - subject to change
  • 100 piece minimum per custom design – you can order any quantity above the minimum depending on your needs.
  • This minimum per design also applies to reorders, even if the design has been ordered previously.
  • 2 to 3 + month production time frame - does not include design time - order early to further ensure your ship date

     *Pricing and minimums are subject to change without notice*

    • Due to the hand painted nature of the glass ornaments, the production time for orders goes up as we get closer to the fall/holiday season due to increased demand. 
    • The hand painted production process for the glass ornaments does not take as long as the cloisonne process, so you can anticipate shorter production time frames, but we still advise that you get started on the design process as early as possible.
    • Orders are processed on a first come, first served basis regarding design mock up and actual production - lock in your ship date today!

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