What to Expect:

    No two cloisonné ornaments are exactly alike.  It is important to have realistic expectations when working with this special medium; the finished product is not meant to be an exact replica of the approved art.  The mock-up drawing and final product will have acceptable variations as it is ultimately an interpretation of the approved art.

    Every detail of every ornament is assembled by hand, and because of this, each ornament is considered a work of art.  Ornaments within the same order and from the same design will most likely vary slightly within a range of acceptability.  This is because there could be several artisans working on the same design, so variations are expected and are also part of what makes the cloisonné medium so special!

    All of the ornaments are inspected meticulously several times and approved to have met our production standards before shipment to each customer. Besides obvious mistakes (spelling errors, incorrect wording, etc.), slight variations are expected with this medium.  See photo examples below to better illustrate these expected variations:



    Notice the details are in slightly different spots and sizes, as well as acceptable color variations.  This is due to the different artisans interpreting the design slightly differently – truly one a kind, handcrafted works of art!


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