• Custom Design Available - you will have exclusivity on that particular design
  • Initial design fee is only $150 - will be applied to your order when you place it
  • Design is property of KKD - only to be printed, reproduced by our company. If you move forward with your custom design/tea towel order, the design is not yours to be reproduced in any other medium/by another company/outside of KKD.
  • 500 piece minimum per design
  • 3 to 4 + month production time frame after design and order are confirmed
  • Your custom tea towels will come individually packed with a custom hang tag included
  • Email us at info@KittyKeller.com for current pricing per towel and any other information
  • We will be happy to send you a tangible sample so you can see the quality firsthand if it is something you are interested in pursuing - please let us know.

Below is an assortment of custom designs and finished product examples.

examples of social proof